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Indonesia dentist’s innovative tool helps assuage fears of dental checkups


Few people enjoy the experience of going to the dentist. Maybe it is something about the smell of the office, all the noises or the pain. Whatever it is, it is often fear that keeps people from making appointments to have their teeth professionally cleaned.

However, according to various sources, a dentist in Indonesia named Dr. Dhanni Gustiana is making it more bearable for his fearful patients as he has begun using a musical drill. Instead of hearing that awful buzzing, patients can listen to songs. If that isn't cool enough, the tool even allows people to make requests for certain tunes.

News outlets reported that Dr. Gustiana spent almost $600 on the drill which was created with the idea of calming kids who feared the dentist. The story also mentioned that tiny tots said that the number one thing that they feared was the drill.

"The patient will hear the music louder when they open their mouths compared to when they close their mouths," Gustiana reporters from the Daily Mail.

In addition the the various MP3s that people can select, there are also flashing lights and adorable little rubber figurines that may be placed on the top of the tool.

Of course, Dr. Gusitana's invention is certainly extraordinary, it's important to note that not all visits to the dentist have to be scary or unpleasant. When you make an appointment at the office of Thomas Cooke, you can rest assured that he and his staff will do all they can to make your experiences enjoyable and comfortable.


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