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At the offices of Thomas E. Cooke D.D.S. P.A., we’ve been providing residents in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina, area with the dental services they’ve been relying on to maintain their oral health since 1993. With this level of experience and the dedication of our friendly staff, Dr. Cooke is able to maintain high rates of patient satisfaction.

However, that’s just one of the reasons that customers in Durham, Apex, Fuquay-Varina and Holly Springs make the half-hour drive time and time again to receive our first-rate care. Dr. Cooke also provides a wide range of services with a unique staff that strives for satisfaction.

Dr. Cooke believes that quality dental work with an efficient approach is the highest priority, which is why he and his staff routinely go the extra mile to ensure the care of patients, even those with special dental needs.

For a positive and no stress solution to your oral health needs, you can rely on Dr. Cooke for a number of essential services including family dentistry, emergency dentistry and preventive care.

Family Dentistry

Parents with young children who have recently relocated to the greater Raleigh area may not know where to look for a family dentist who can provide family and cosmetic dentistry. This search may be prolonged as some families may be under pressure to find affordable dental care from a Raleigh dentist who can cater to the needs of any age group.

Dr. Cooke has this unique ability, and it’s a trait that has helped him satisfy patients young and old. And parents can be sure that Dr. Cooke understands the importance of family. With three children, Madeline, Jacob and Samuel, Dr. Cooke is a dentist for kids who understands the importance of oral health firsthand.

Oral & Dental Emergencies

Nearly every North Carolina resident experiences a need for dental emergency care at some point. And while taking ibuprofen may provide short-term relief, those looking for a quick way to obtain a diagnosis and treatment can find what they are looking for by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Cooke.

Many times, emergency dental conditions can be caused by nerve decay, trauma to the teeth, swollen tissue or fractures, all of which Dr. Cooke has helped patients treat successfully. And while these serious forms of pain could be caused by something as trivial as a piece of trapped food, the resulting pain can require the immediate attention of an expert. By meeting with Dr. Cooke, patients can have X-rays taken so they can make sure these and other silent problems are treated properly and with the utmost care.

Contacting Thomas E. Cooke D.D.S. P.A. for an appointment to improve your dental health

The offices of Thomas E. Cooke D.D.S. P.A. welcomes new patients, as we pride ourselves on showing our patients what makes our services emblematic of quality care.

We provide preventative services, such as:

  • Gentle teeth cleanings
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Regular check-ups
  • Topical Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants
  • X-rays

Cosmetic and prosthodontic dentistry services:

Periodontic care:

  • Full mouth debridement
  • Scaling and root planning

In addition to all of these services, Dr. Cooke has the wide range of emergency dentistry options Raleigh residents need to keep up their healthy smiles. To make an appointment today, call our offices at 919-872-1700 or email manofteeth@nc.rr.com. We accept most forms of insurance and offer CareCredit financing, meaning that our high-quality services are always affordable for those who need it most.

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