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What you should consider before buying a mouthguard


These days, sports fans are constantly bombarded with information about concussions and how they have the potential to lead to everything from Alzheimer’s Disease to depression.

Although the importance of this information should not be downplayed, we should also begin raising awareness about how mouth guards can play a significant role in protecting teeth. Wearing one of these can help to keep athletes from needing emergency dental work.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), when it comes to choosing this piece of protective equipment for you or your kids, you should:

1) Ask yourself if the person wearing the mouthguard still has any baby teeth

If so, you should expect that you will need to be fitted for a new one in a few years, as adult teeth are bigger and require a different fit.

2) Think about what sports the mouthguard going to be used for

Are you buying this for your 10-year-old son who just likes to have some fun every now and again throwing a baseball around with his friends? Or is going to be playing in a highly competitive lacrosse league when he starts high school? Its intended use can help you to determine the quality of the mouthguard you need.

3) Understand your past dental history

If you’ve had certain treatments such as orthodontia or crowns, you may need to purchase a mouthguard that is going to provide you with extra protection.

Of course, if you have any questions, don’t delay. Make an appointment with a family dentist that has an excellent reputation such as Dr. Thomas Cooke. He and the members of his office can provide you with useful information on what type of protective equipment will keep your teeth in tip-top shape.