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Dental Crowns


Dental Crowns in Raleigh, NC

Dr. Tom Cooke sees patients in the Raleigh metro area with dental crown needs. To schedule an appointment, call our office at (919) 872-1700.

Dental crowns and dental caps are coverings for teeth to restore their shape and size. A crown also increases a tooth’s strength and appearance. They are attached to the tooth with strong dental cement. Their main purpose is to preserve teeth that have been damaged. They are made of different materials. When a tooth is missing, a dental bridge can sometimes fill in this space. A bridge is several crowns connected together. Crowns are also used to cover dental implants.

Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be made of different materials .There are basically three types of crowns:

  1. Porcelain crowns are thought to allow for the best esthetics but they require more tooth reduction.
  2. Porcelain fused-to-metal crowns are more common.
  3. All-metal crowns are not natural in appearance and can be broken down into precious, semi-precious, and non-precious metals. These crowns have the highest strength so it is recommended for very high stress areas.

How a Tooth Crown Procedure is Performed

The crown procedure takes place in two visits in most dental offices, unless the office has a high tech crown making machine. The dentist numbs the tooth with anesthetic and then reduces the tooth to allow for the proper thickness of the crown material that is to be used. A porcelain crown requires more tooth reduction. After the tooth is reduced, an impression is taken of it using impression material placed over the tooth. The impression material then hardens to a rubber consistency. From this, a temporary crown is then made. The temporary acts as a protective covering only designed to last for a couple of weeks to keep the tooth safe prior to the permanent crown being placed. The permanent crown, after it is made at a dental laboratory, is attached to the tooth with a very strong adhesive.

Why are crowns needed?

A dental crown is needed to bring a tooth back to a functioning, healthy condition. A tooth can lack strength due to large fillings or decay or become cracked which would compromise the ability of the tooth to function properly. A root canal on a back tooth is another reason for a crown; it gives the tooth back its strength. Severe wear and staining is the other reason for crowning a tooth. When teeth are severely worn, crowns can significantly improve the health of the mouth by restoring a tooth back to its original shape.

How long do crowns last?

Crowns can last a very long time if they are cared for correctly. If a tooth has a crown, it can still get decay around it. If bacteria are overly present under the gums around a crown, a cavity can form. Having your teeth cleaned routinely and proper home care are both critical to maintaining a healthy environment for a crown. Crowns can fracture just like natural teeth. Chewing on hard substances like ice is not healthy. When a cavity forms around a crown, or when a fracture occurs with a crown, it should be replaced.

Dr. Cooke sees tooth crown patients in the Raleigh, NC area. Please call our office at 919-872-1700 to make an appointment.


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