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Review from Keith Tucker on Google

I’ve been going to Dr.” Cooke for quite a few years. Most of the time I get an appointment when I want it. What’s very impressive is, I bring a book to read while I wait. But, 99% of the time, before I open it I’m called in. Less than a minute waiting. Never had that happen at any doctor’s office!!! The doc is also very friendly, listens to your cares and needs, and is quite gentle with that first act of the deadening shot. I recommend Dr. Cooke.

Review from Tyler Scott on Google

The ratings speak for themselves, this is the dentist you want. I require quite a lot of dental work and my past experiences were horrific, I didn’t realize how bad they were until I came to Dr. Cooke and discovered the experience of an excellent dental practice. I can see not a single area in which this practice could be improved. The office is small and personal. The staff is courteous and charming. Dr. Cooke is magic. That’s the best way that I can describe it. His procedures are extremely fast and efficient, painless and utterly confident. I just had an extraction performed and spent about five total minutes in the chair. I remember sitting in dentist chairs for hours at my previous dentist, it was nightmarish. I have been to this practice half a dozen times in the last two years and each visit I am consistently highly impressed by the experience.

Dr. Cooke is the best dentist in Raleigh. I would never let my family make the mistake of going anywhere else. I am certain that if I had come to this practice in the past instead of other dentists, than I would have far less dental problems than I do right now. My quality of life is significantly improved thanks to Dr. Cooke. Schedule an appointment, you will not be disappointed if you are fortunate enough to have found this practice.

Review from Daniel Owens on Google

Dr Cooke is my hero.
I recommend everyone to come here!I woke up this morning at 4am in excruciating pain. I had never been to this practice. They just happened to be close.
I called them in a panic. They saw me within 2 hours.
After leaving and being referred for wisdom tooth removal. I called back later in serious pain again. I explained to staff that the other doctors wouldn’t be able to see me for a few weeks.
Dr Cooke told me to come back! That he would personally help me.


Awesome staff!