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Study shows that losing teeth can lead to dementia


Most people know that as they get older, they are more likely to encounter a decrease in cognitive function including memory loss and difficulty problem solving. But did you know that age isn't the only factor that increases your risk of these conditions? According to research from the Stockholm, Sweden, not having teeth also heightens the likelihood of being diagnosed with dementia?

A recent study conducted by scientists from the Department of Odontology and the Aging Research Center (ARC) at Karolinska Institutet and from Karlstad University looked at a group 557 males and females who were older than 77 years old.

These analysts concluded that the participants who demonstrated difficulty chewing hard foods like apples had a much greater risk of developing mental impairments. Scientists believe that one of the reasons for this is because not having any teeth or having just a few of them makes munching on foods harder, which results in less blood flow to the brain.

Interestingly enough, these findings remained static even given variables such as age, education, sex and mental health issues.

This study highlights the importance of taking good care of your teeth. Whether you are 20 or 80 years old, good oral hygiene can prevent problems chewing which can, as the research shows, lead to dementia. If you need affordable dental care in Raleigh, look no further than Dr. Thomas E. Cooke. His experience working with people of all ages and professional staff will help you feel at ease the moment you walk into his office. Our knowledgeable staff won't care how long you've waited to book an appointment, all they want is to make you feel comfortable.