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Studies may have shown that gingivitis is linked to heart disease


Regardless of whether you’re a young or older adult, you’ve probably been informed multiple times on the importance of taking care of your teeth. Think about it. Every time you visit your family dentist, he or she has told you that maintaining a good oral health care regime is crucial, right?

Well, this advice has taken on a whole new meaning as scientists may have found a link between people with periodontal disease and coronary artery disease. In fact, the American Academy of Periodontology discovered that those with gingivitis are almost twice as likely to suffer from heart disease.

“There are a lot of studies that suggest that oral health, and gum disease in particular, are related to serious conditions like heart disease,” periodontist Dr. Sally Cram, DDS, a spokeswoman for the American Dental Association, told WebMd.com

This may be causing you wonder, what can I do to keep my pearly whites and heart healthy? Well, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends:

1) Brushing your teeth twice a day with an ADA-approved fluoride-containing toothpaste.
2) Floss every day.
3) Keep the amount of sugary and high acid foods like lemons you consume to a minimum.
4) Visit your Raleigh dentist on a regular basis for professional cleanings.

If you haven’t been the dentist in a while, don’t worry. When you schedule an appointment with someone such as Dr. Thomas Cooke, you can rest assured that you’ll be treated with respect. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions you have and make you feel comfortable regardless of how long its been since your last cleaning.