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Help your kids establish a healthy oral care regime this Halloween


Most people wouldn't argue with the fact that kids of all ages love Halloween. Of course, getting dressed up is fun, but it's probably safe to say that the real perk of October 31 is coming home at the end of a night of trick-or-treating with a big bag of candy.

Whether it's chocolate or sour gummies, little ones always seem to devour sweets. When they aren't consuming these treats, they're trying to find out how they can get their hands on them. Although their determination is certainly endearing, it's important to recognize that all that sugar can wreak havoc on your child's teeth.

Luckily, by helping your kids maintain a healthy oral care regime and following the tips below, the damage that is done to your son or daughter's pearly whites can be minimized.

1) Don't let your kids overindulge in very chewy candies. These gooey desserts, all of which take longer to chew, produce more acid that come into contact with teeth than than other sweets.

2) Make sure you tell your son or daughter to rinse his or her mouth out with water after consuming unhealthy foods like that delectable chocolate bar. This will help eliminate any sugar particles that are left behind.

3) Ensure that your children understand the importance of brushing and flossing, especially around Halloween. Tell them that everyone eats a lot more sugary foods and that is why taking care of your teeth is more important than ever. If they have a mouth full of baby or permanent teeth, it's also wise to help them floss. That way any bits and pieces of those gummy bears don't sit in between your kid's pearly whites.