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A Few Procedures That Emergency Dentists Can Handle


Anyone with a broken or aching tooth will need to visit an emergency dentist eventually. Emergency dentists help patients treat oral health emergencies. Though they may refer you to a general dentist afterward, their role in oral health cannot be denied.  

Emergency dentists are not responsible for the long-term treatment of a patient’s teeth. What they can only do is address immediate concerns. Once the concern is addressed, it must be followed by a trip to the general dentist. 

Emergency dentists often allow walk-ins to come to their clinic, unlike general dentists, with whom you would need an appointment. The great thing about them is they can treat a wide range of oral health emergencies. For example, they can stop the bleeding, pain or swelling in a patient’s mouth. Here are some other situations wherein you would need a trip to an emergency dentist and what the next steps should be. 

Knocked-Out Teeth

You can also visit an emergency dentist when you knock out your teeth, lose your crown or filling, or crack your teeth. They will immediately help you relieve the pain from the injury and address any immediate concerns. They can prevent the problem from getting worse while it cannot be solved yet. 

If you knock your tooth out, they can put it back. If the wire of your braces is hurting your mouth, an emergency dentist can move it to a better position. They can also give you a wax to ease the discomfort.


There are many types of dental emergencies that patients may experience. Swelling of the gums, injury to the teeth, or discomfort in some areas of the mouth may necessitate urgent care. These orthodontic emergencies must quickly be addressed to avoid any further harm or irritation. 

There are a lot of ways an emergency dentist can help a patient. Afterwards, a general dentist will create a treatment plan for your teeth. If the swelling or soreness continues, they may give medicine to alleviate the pain and permanently address the issue. 

Preparation for Dental Implants 

Emergency dentists can temporarily alleviate the pain in the event of tooth loss. However, the affected area must be prepared for implantation, whatever your choice of implant may be. After all, since dental implants require custom creation from a dental lab, an emergency dentist can’t provide one in your initial appointment. An oral surgeon must also be consulted before performing the treatment. 

Ending Thoughts

There are many other reasons why patients might need an emergency dentist. One of them is when they bite their tongue. When the wounds become deep, jagged or gaping, the emergency dentist will put gentle pressure on the area. Another injury is when the patient can’t control oral bleeding. 

The bottom line is that the emergency dentist will do their best to help a patient. They will treat the injury to the best of their ability. However, patients still need to consult general dentists and other professionals after a session with an emergency dentist. 

Dr. Thomas E. Cooke Family Dentistry offers emergency dentistry in Raleigh to help patients in need. In addition to treating dental emergencies, we are proud to offer patients an extensive range of common dental services. From routine checkups to extensive restoration and replacement procedures, we have helped thousands of patients in the greater Raleigh area improve their oral health through our superior dental care.