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Things to Know After Getting a Root Canal—Does It Hurt?


When people fail to take good care of their teeth and gums, they could develop various oral complications, such as cavities, infections, and tooth decay. The worst-case scenario could involve requiring you to undergo a root canal, which an emergency dentist performs to help fix your problem.

However, many individuals who hear about needing a root canal often back out because they think it involves excruciating pain. While it will be uncomfortable at some point, it’s only necessary for you to go through it, especially if you wish to recover from your dental concern.

Meanwhile, those who face their fears and go through a root canal and complain about the severe pain afterward means it could be due to the state of your tooth or the procedure itself. The best thing to do is rely on a professional dentist to assure you before the treatment. In addition, keep reading below to prepare yourself for what you can expect from a root canal.

Experiencing Discomfort or Pain After a Root Canal Procedure

After going through a needed root canal procedure initiated by your dentist, you may feel mild to moderate discomfort, soreness, or pain, depending on the situation of your tooth. Your recovery period involves your body naturally healing from the treatment, so you can expect the region around your affected tooth to become tender and sore.

In some cases, your jaw will feel sore too, because part of going through a root canal procedure means keeping your mouth wide open for an extended period. On the other hand, if you wish for your mouth to heal faster, you must take your recovery seriously by caring for your mouth correctly.

If you wish to lessen the chances of feeling discomfort and pain after your root canal, you should maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing the surrounding teeth and gums. You should also never forget to go back to your dentist during your scheduled follow-up to restore the tooth that they had to treat during your root canal surgery.

Most teeth affected during root canal contain a crown or filling to serve as added protection and prevent them from experiencing infection again. While your tooth recovers, you shouldn’t chew on it at least until it’s covered, or else you’ll have to revisit the dentist near you to have it fixed. 

When to Call Your Dentist After Feeling Pain from a Root Canal

Even though it’s normal to expect feeling discomfort, soreness, and pain following a root canal procedure, it should only reach up to a certain extent. If it becomes too much to bear that it starts affecting your daily routine, you must call emergency dental services right away.

Root canal procedures shouldn’t hurt too much because if they do, it indicates something went wrong that doesn’t usually happen. If you’re experiencing severe pain, fever, swelling, and an uneven bite, it’s best to contact the dentist in charge of the operation.

The unusual occurrence could be due to an infection or damage to your tooth, such as a crack. Failing to do something about your situation could prolong your recovery and prevent you from healing completely.

All dentists will tell you that undergoing a root canal treatment is necessary and consistently successful. However, some instances will need you to go back for treatment because you can get infected due to an underlying bacteria, a root crack, or a fracture.


Going through another treatment after facing a root canal procedure is fine. In fact, it will help eliminate the pain or discomfort you’re feeling after the first therapy. But when your dental emergency cannot be fixed, the only choice left is to have your tooth removed for good. The important thing to remember is you shouldn’t fear dental procedures because you’re in the hands of professional dentists who will stop at nothing to take care of your oral health.

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