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Oral sores that your family dentist will tell you should not be ignored


Everyone knows that having sores in and around your mouth is no fun. Not only are many of them quite painful, they can also be unsightly, causing the person who has them a great deal of embarrassment.
Most people who are afflicted with mouth soars are more concerned with getting rid of them than their potential causes. The American Dental Association (ADA), reports that not only are there a wide variety of sores that are common, they also form because of several reasons including:

♦ Infections from bacteria or viruses.

♦ Irritation from an appliance such as a retainer or a loose orthodontic wire.

♦ Eating disorders

If you notice that you have a sore that has lasted a week or longer, don’t wait – schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist. He or she may tell you that you have one of the following types of blisters:

Canker sores – Small abscesses with a white or gray base and a red margin. Oral care experts like those at the ADA say it’s a good idea to stay away from hot or spicy foods that can aggravate the sore.

Cold sores – Also referred to as fever blisters, these are fluid-filled. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 and spread to others very easily. Your family dentist may instruct you to take antiviral drugs to get rid of the blisters abscesses faster, although the virus will always stay in the body, even if you can’t see the sores.

♦ Candidiasis – These sores are also known as moniliasis or oral thrush. They typically appear when the Candida, a yeast in the body, clones itself faster than it should. This condition is common among those who wear dentures and that is why experienced dentists like Dr. Thomas Cooke will tell you that it’s important to remove your dentures at night and clean them regularly.


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