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The medications you are taking could have an affect on your oral health says the ADA


Although you are likely aware that medication can have certain side effects, you probably don't think of them as influencing your oral health. However, the American Dental Association (ADA) reports that one of the most common consequences of prescription drugs is dry mouth.

Saliva is responsible for preventing food from gathering around your teeth and counteracts acids created by plaque. Those acids can wreak havoc on the hard surfaces of your pearly whites. Now you may think that a dry mouth seems harmless enough, but the opposite is actually true. This condition heightens your chances of tooth decay.

However, dry mouth isn't the only side effect that results from taking medicine. The ADA also says that soft oral tissue, such as the gums, cheek lining and even tongue can be affected by what is known as oral candidiasis. This fungal infection is often referred to as thrush and looks like white dots around your mouth and is quite sensitive.

If you're undergoing cancer treatments, you should also let your family dentist know. He or she can not only check to see if your mouth is healthy, but also recommend certain treatments to ensure that your oral health is good as it should be. People have even been known to experience jaw problems when they have taken prescription drugs to boost their bone strength. 

Of course, if you are concerned that your medicine might have an impact on your teeth and other aspects of your oral health, don't delay. Schedule an appointment with a Raleigh dentist like Dr. Thomas Cooke. He and the rest of the staff will gladly answer any questions you have and help you feel comfortable the moment you walk through the door.