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If you’re pregnant, you should follow the oral hygiene tips below


Pregnant women are always told that there are certain things that they should do in order to ensure that they and their buns in the ovens are healthy during those nine months. Among many things, doctors say expectant females shouldn’t drink, smoke or eat sushi.

However, it’s less common for moms-to-be get information on the importance of good oral hygiene before they deliver. A past study from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAP) revealed that women who don’t take care of their teeth and have gum disease are more prone to preterm birth.

It is important that expectant mothers get rid of plaque, which is linked to early delivery and may result in low birth-weight. The most effective way to get rid of any bacteria or food that can get stuck in between teeth is simply floss to every night and brush at least twice a day. To be even more sure that germs are gone, pregnant women can rinse their mouths with non alcoholic fluoride rinse after they brush their pearly whites.

Pregnant women should also take the time to visit their family dentist and treat any cavities that they do have. Although they may be concerned that seeking this type of treatment may put their baby in danger, they should be warned that waiting until after their lovebug is born is more dangerous than taking care of it before they deliver.

If you have a baby on the way and have any questions about your oral hygiene, don’t delay. Speak to a reputable Raleigh dentist that you trust. Whether you want to know if a certain toothpaste is okay to use or you can whiten your teeth, someone like Dr. Thomas Cooke can answer any questions that you may have.