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If your kid has braces, don’t forget about scheduling regular dental checkups


These days, many people would agree that having braces is a right of passage. There are few adolescents out there who aren't currently or haven't already found out what it's like walking around with metal brackets in their mouth. In addition to straightening teeth, this orthodontic treatment can, among other things, align your jaw and correct any other problems were with teeth formed out of bad habits during childhood such as thumbsucking.

If you've been told by your family dentist that your child may need braces now or in the future, it's important that you take his or her advice as according to the American Dental Association, failure to do this can result in:

     ♦ tooth decay
     ♦ gum disease
     ♦ tooth loss
     ♦ affected speech and/or chewing
     ♦ abnormal wear to tooth enamel
     ♦ jaw problems

Right after your adolescent receives braces, he or she is likely to notice that those pearly whites are a bit sore. Aspirin is a great way to relieve any discomfort as are cold gauzes that can be applied directly to his or her teeth.

Just as important as visiting the orthodontist is making sure that your teen takes care of his or her teeth once the braces are on. You should tell your lovebug to avoid the following foods as they may cause brackets to fall off or the wire to crack:
     ♦ Popcorn
     ♦ Corn on the cob
     ♦ Chewing gum   
     ♦ Whole apples   
     ♦ Anything sticky like caramels

You also shouldn't forget about scheduling regular checkups with your Raleigh dentist. Getting those pearly whites professionally cleaned will help ensure that there's no plaque build up, cavities or other problems that require professional attention in the future.