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Crowns may be a good option for someone with badly damaged or decayed teeth


Crowns, also known as caps are an increasingly popular dental procedure. These covers are put over teeth that have become badly damaged or decayed over the years. In many instances, a filling is not going to prevent a rotting tooth from enduring any more damage and a cap is a more permanent solution. In fact, any family dentist will tell you that caps typically last at least seven years and those that are made using good materials can don't need replacement for up to 40 years.

Many people often wonder what crowns are made of. Typically they are created using metals such as gold alloys, nickel or chromium. They may also be made of ceramic. However, according to Colgate.com, the caps composed of all-metal are stronger and last longer than ceramic ones.

However, if you and your Raleigh dentist decide that crowns are a good option for you, then you can rest assured that, regardless of what material your caps are made of, they are going to going to look natural. In fact, unless you say something to your friends and family, few people are even likely to know that you had any work done.

Of course, if you have any questions regarding whether you need a crown and what materials it should be made of, then schedule an appointment with a reputable dental professional like Dr. Thomas Cooke. When you walk into his office, you'll immediately notice how at ease you feel. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and will make sure that any concerns you have are addressed promptly and respectfully.