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If you’ve been hoping to improve your teeth at some point, then you’ve probably heard of dental crowns, which is one of the most popular methods of tooth restorations. They’re great for fixing up damaged or decayed teeth, helping you feel more confident about your smile. It also protects, preserves, and restores your pearly whites.

Dental crowns are typically made of state-of-the-art dental ceramic that mimics natural teeth, which means no one would have ever guessed that you’re wearing dental crowns. They’re essentially hollow tooth caps positioned over your tooth to protect them from bacteria, decay, and harm. Here are six reasons to get a dental crown:

1. It Protects Your Teeth From Further Decay

If you have a tooth that’s decayed way beyond a filling’s restoring capabilities, then dental crowns are for you. Our dentists will use a crown to preserve the remaining healthy tooth and work on it to remove all decay and bacteria, saving your teeth from further damage.

2. It Restores Fractured Teeth

Another reason to get a dental crown is to restore fractured teeth. Some fractures are so severe that the tooth breaks in half, while other fractures are so tiny that they are imperceptible. Regardless, fractured teeth can result in severe pain and complications, where a dental crown can help.

A crown can save teeth damaged by fractures. Our dentists will carefully remove the fractured portion then reshape the tooth, protecting it from micro-fractures that can spread and lead to more pain.

3. It Prevents Worn Teeth

Many people unknowingly grind or clench their teeth due to stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, this can remove your tooth enamel and result in premature wear and shortened teeth. Luckily, this can be resolved with dental crowns, as dentists can fashion them to increase your tooth shape and size while shielding them from decay caused by enamel loss.

4. It Restores Fillings

Fillings are great for preserving your teeth and preventing further decay or cavity. However, if dentists have to remove an old filling, there is a possibility that your tooth suffered damage as well. When this happens, the filling may not be sturdy enough to support another filling without risking more damage. In this situation, a dental crown is best for restoring your filling and saving your teeth.

5. It Reinforces a Root Canaled Tooth

Root canals involve a dental surgeon drilling deep into your tooth to treat the soft dental pulp in the middle. Once they have removed the infected pulp, they fill your teeth with material, but it often doesn’t address the damage caused by the decay and drilling. For this reason, dental crowns work best, as they reliably protect your teeth from decay-causing bacteria.

6. It Supports Bridges

A dental bridge is a false tooth that dentists attach to a crown on either of its sides. They’re often used to replace missing teeth, but they need to adhere to another tooth to stay in position. Dental crowns can support these bridges even more, helping improve your comfort and overall dental health.


Dental crowns are excellent at preserving teeth and restoring smiles. If you’re worried about a damaged tooth, an old filling, or tooth pain, be sure to visit an emergency dentist. Depending on the situation, they can fit you with a dental crown to solve all these problems and more.

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