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4 great gift ideas that will help your loved ones take care of his or her teeth


Winter is in full swing and though it may not have snowed yet, people around Raleigh are already beginning to celebrate the holidays. Shopping, hanging decorations and baking and devouring delicious sweets are just some of the practices that men, women and children take advantage of once December hits.

And if you're like many people in the area, you've probably already thought about what presents to get your friends and family. Although anyone you are close to is going to appreciate anything you present to them, why not give them the gift that keeps on giving?

Items that are going to keep their mouth in tip top shape are sure to be appreciated. If you think these gifts are lame, think again. The ideas below are not only useful, they are creative and unique:

1) Cheese basket
Cheese assists in regulating the PH levels in your mouth and even kills germs and bacteria around your oral cavity.

2) Green tea
Green tea is well known for its restorative qualities, but it can also help eliminate and prevent bad breath.

3) Dental mouth guards
Mouth guards may not seem very Christmas-like, but they are instrumental in preventing mouth injuries, especially during contact sports like football. No one wants to spend their holiday in the dental emergency room and giving this item can help make sure that doesn't happen.

4) One cosmetic dental procedure
If you know someone that is self-conscious about their pearly whites, consider paying for an appointment with a Raleigh cosmetic dentist like Dr. Thomas Cooke. Imagine how much better your family member will smile after having his or her teeth professionally whitened.