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Do you know that failure to listen to your family dentist’s advice about your wisdom teeth can mean you’ll spend big bucks down the road?


One of the most common dental procedures in the United States is wisdom teeth extraction. These teeth  typically appear between 16 and 25 years old age and they are located in the very back of the mouth.

Although wisdom teeth don’t always appear, many times, oral care professionals will recommend that they be removed. According to Colgate.com, these chompers may not cause a person any pain but they can result in problems if patients fail to ignore their dentist’s recommendations.

These noshers may decay, develop an infection or crowd other teeth. Pearly whites that are located next to wisdom teeth are at greater risk for developing gum issues. But, those are not the only problems that may result from neglecting to have your wisdom teeth removed. Occasionally, adolescents and adults develop serious complications from these noshers. Fluid-filled growths in their mouths known as cysts may develop and not only can these be painful, they may damage the bone, nerves and teeth.

It’s impossible to determine whether you need to have your wisdom teeth taken out without visiting a family dentist. Failure to schedule regular checkups with an oral care professional, especially in your 20s, can mean that you may need to have very expensive and potentially painful work done to your pearly whites later down the road.

One of the reasons people put off having their wisdom teeth examined at an affordable dental care practice is because they are worried that the procedure is going to hurt. Rest assured that these days, oral care procedures are less painful than ever before thanks to modern technology and medicine.


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