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Vitamin D has been linked to reduction in tooth decay, according to study


It's probably safe to say that few people would dispute the fact that Vitamin D is good for you. But, many men and women may be surprised to find out that it is also good for your teeth. That's right. According to a new study that was published in the journal Nutrition Reviews, Vitamin D may be able to fight tooth decay.

The research, which involved 3,000 children in various countries. Those who partook in the analysis were between 2 and 16 years old and the average age was 10 years old. Scientists provided kids with increased levels of the vitamin through additional UV radiation or adding cod-liver oil or other products containing the nutrient and discovered that vitamin D was linked to a 50 percent reduction in tooth decay.

"Whether this is more than just a coincidence is open to debate. In the meantime, pregnant women or young mothers can do little harm by realising that vitamin D is essential to their offspring's health. Vitamin D does lead to teeth and bones that are better mineralised," said University of Washington's Dr. Philippe Hujoel in a statement.

Boston University professor Dr. Michael Hollick concurred with Hujoel's declaration and revealed that little ones who don't get enough Vitamin D are prone to "delayed teeth eruption" and dental decay.

It's important to note that making sure that your son or daughter gets enough of the nutrient is not the only way to make sure his or her teeth are in good shape. Scheduling regular family dentist appointments are equally vital. To provide your kids with high-quality and professional care, take them to a Raleigh dentist like Dr. Thomas Cooke.