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Teeth may fall out if you don’t take care of your gums


No one likes going to the dentist only to be told that they have dreaded periodontal disease like gingivitis. This often painful condition not only makes your gums more prone to bleeding, but studies have shown that it may be a precursor to heart disease. Did you know, however, that not taking care of your teeth may be to blame for bleeding oral tissue? Gum disease occurs when tiny bits of plaque infect the gums and this is what causes them to be so sensitive.

If you have haven’t been maintaining a good oral healthcare routine, you should also know that research has demonstrated that decaying teeth may result in you losing your noshers for good. One of the main functions of gums is to hold pearly whites in place, but when they become infected, your gums can’t do their job. To keep your soft oral tissue and teeth as health as can be, you should always remember to:

1) Brush your teeth and gums with a fluoride-containing toothpaste

2) Use a soft toothbrush that will not irritate your gums

3) Floss every night

4) Eat healthy foods (even if you brush your noshers after drinking a can of soda, it’s not easy to get rid of all the excess sugar coating your teeth).

You should also always remember to schedule regular checkups with your family dentist. If you are looking for affordable dental care, then consider visiting the office of Dr. Thomas Cooke. He and his experienced and dedicated staff will take the time to explain to you the importance of taking care of your gums and give you tips on how to prevent periodontal disease.