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Ouch: A Guide to Preventing and Dealing With Cracked Teeth


Tooth pain is never good: it usually indicates some kind of dental issue, such as a cracked tooth or something worse. It is always best to see it as a dental emergency that needs to be addressed ASAP.

Prevention is always better than cure. With oral emergencies, pain may mean an extraction is necessary. We’re here to remind you how to avoid it in this short guide. In any case, the dentist is your best answer to your tooth’s worst-case scenarios.

Take care of your teeth

Tooth pain can manifest in an instant. It could have been building up to this point due to underlying factors. The first step is to immediately contact an emergency dentist in your area to have it checked, and get work done as soon as possible for the best results.

Pay attention to these reminders for the best tiptop teeth:

  • Clean and maintain them regularly.
    It’s easy to forget and be lazy with teeth maintenance. These bad habits can cause cavities from unchecked tooth decay. Floss and brush well to avoid this buildup. Regular dental cleanups are also recommended, as normal brushing cannot clean teeth thoroughly.

    Long hours of leaving just a fraction of bacteria and other agents can jumpstart tooth decay instantly.
  • Don’t abuse your teeth.
    While they are tough, they are not built for extreme use. Bad eating habits can cause wear and damage if left unchecked.

    Remember, teeth are for eating only. Do not use your teeth to open or loosen plastic and metal parts, as these can ruin the surfaces and can cause minor and major cracks. Use your tools, not your teeth.

    Constant eating of hard food can also cause hairline cracks and pain. Please have your teeth checked and get some dental checkups done. Consult a dentist now before the damage goes worse and invades beyond your tooth enamel. Pain will triple and infection may occur if it reaches your nerves.
  • Always say yes to teeth protection.
    Don’t put your teeth in danger: Tooth damage can be caused by extreme physical activities. Sports may mean fun but can leave our teeth vulnerable. Take the extra precaution and use mouth guards. For any unavoidable accidents,  get emergency dental work done right away.
  • Be aware of other underlying causes.
    If there was past dental work done, have the results checked regularly. They need periodical checkups to maintain the integrity of the work and detect possible issues that can lead to breakage or exposed parts.

    Bruxism or teeth grinding is also a passive cause that may cause damage if left unchecked. It damages your tooth enamel or causes minor chipping and tooth cracks.  

Teeth grinding during sleeping, stressful times, and other triggers may not be readily noticed. The good news is it can be corrected before they get worse. 

In conclusion

Preventive maintenance not only costs less than emergency dental treatment, it is less painful. Make sure you maintain your teeth well with good oral habits and regular visits to the dentist. This can prevent problems from arising and detect little issues before they become serious conditions.

Don’t worry if you’ve got a bad tooth right now; we can help you. Getting a walk-in dentist in Raleigh is possible even on the weekends; get in touch with Dr. Cooke Dental Services today.