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Inexpensive handheld X-ray machine poses risks to patients


When men and women see their family dentist for a procedure or checkup, they rarely assume that their health is going to be compromised. However, a recent article that was published on the BBC's website revealed that one type of handheld X-ray machine may be putting the lives of patients at risk.

According to the news outlet, the device known as the Tianjie Dental Falcon, subjects men and women, including the dentist, to 10 times the normal level of radiation. This type of exposure raises the potential for cancer and organ damage.

The Tianjie was reportedly sold on websites like eBay and health officials in England are encouraging dental firms around the world to get rid of the handheld X-ray machine if they use one.

"It is vitally important that when buying equipment, dentists make sure it is appropriate and safe for use. I would urge all dental professionals to be cautious of seemingly cheap devices which may not be fit for purpose and potentially dangerous," English chief dental officer Barry Cockcroft said, according to the BBC's site.

One of the reasons that this dangerous device was so popular was because of the fact it was so much cheaper than X-ray machines recommended world-renowned groups like the American Dental Association. The Tianjie was priced around $260 dollars, while machines that are safe to use often cost well over $5,000.

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