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What Causes Gum Problems: 5 Of The Most Common Reasons


Toothaches can be painful and annoying, but gum problems are not any different. Some severe gum problems can affect the nerves, bones, and tissues around your mouth. They would also cause pain and bad breath. If you do not want to experience a dental emergency caused by your gums, you must know what causes the problem—just to prevent them. 

5 Reasons People Get a Gum Problem

1: The Buildup of Plaque in Your Teeth

Plaque is the yellowish film of bacteria that forms on one’s teeth. The bacteria produce acids when a person eats or drinks, destroying the tooth enamel and resulting in cavities, tooth decay, or gingivitis. Besides the teeth, plaque can also appear under the gums, later breaking down the teeth themselves. 

To avoid this problem, make sure that you take care of your teeth properly. That means brushing your teeth religiously, flossing, and rinsing correctly. Regular checkups with your dentist would also help early recognition of hard-to-see gum problems. 

2: Smoking Habit

Every time you smoke, you make your gums weak. At the same time, smoking also causes plaque. The nicotine and other chemicals found in cigarettes and other tobacco products reduce saliva flow in your mouth. Because of that, bacteria can stick easily in your teeth and gums. 

Furthermore, when you experience gum problems, they do not heal as fast as non-smokers would. That is because smoking causes the bloodstream to lose its much-needed oxygen, failing to function properly.

3: Hormonal Changes (For Women)

Hormonal changes are something women cannot control. Unfortunately, that could also be a reason for them to be prone to gum problems. When women have their menstrual cycles or are pregnant, their body parts, including the gums, can become more sensitive. When the gums are sensitive, they can be more susceptible to gum diseases. 

Therefore, women should be more careful of their oral health during this time of their lives. Should they notice any gum concerns, avoid waiting for them to get worse. Schedule a dental consultation as soon as possible. 

4: Lack of Certain Nutrients

What you eat can affect what happens in your mouth. A diet rich in vitamin C can help make your gums stronger. Vitamin C helps keep all connective tissue in the gums and also the teeth healthy and strong. With enough vitamin C, your teeth and gum would be in place and not experience any bleeding or sensitivities. 

On the other hand, too many sweets, sugar, and carbohydrates can ruin your teeth and gum. When eating any of these products, make sure you drink lots of water and clean your teeth afterward. 

5: Misaligned Teeth

Teeth are sharp, and they can hurt your mouth, especially when they are crooked or not in their proper position. When you have crooked teeth, you are more prone to damaging the insides of your mouth. Moreover, food particles can get stuck in your teeth, which could trigger bacteria buildup and cause teeth and gum problems later. 

Pay more attention to your oral health if you have crooked teeth. Be extra careful or have it fixed as soon as you can. 


These are just some of the many problems that could cause gum problems. Make sure that you keep them in mind and avoid them as much as possible. Properly caring for your teeth and trying your best to maintain good oral health can prevent you from experiencing annoying gum problems later. 

Should you experience any dental emergency, make sure to visit your dentist promptly. In Thomas E. Cooke’s Family Dentistry, quality dental care with an efficient, patient-centered approach is our highest priority. We offer gum disease treatment, tooth extraction, tooth fillings, and many other dental services to care for your oral problems. Call us at (919) 872-1700.