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Most people, regardless of where they live in the world, want the same thing: teeth that are in tip-top shape. Not only do healthy pearly whites reduce the likelihood of developing cavities, but they also help boost your confidence. After all, how many people do you know who are confident when their chompers are decayed or discolored? The answer is probably not very many.

Luckily, taking care of your teeth is difficult, nor is it expensive. Oral care experts simply recommend that you follow the tips below:

1) Brushing with baking soda once a week

Baking soda isn’t just used for cooking, it can remove stains on your teeth as well. However, just remember to spit all of it out when you are done or you will have an overabundance of sodium in your system. If your gums start to become irritated, reduce the number of times a week you brush with baking soda.

2) Gargling with apple cider vinegar

You may have rolled your eyes when you first read this piece of advice, but keep in mind that apple cider vinegar can be instrumental in eliminating plaque and bacteria in your mouth and around your gums. Dentists say the gargling should be done before you brush your pearly whites.

3) Use mouthwash that is non-alcoholic

Has the inside of your mouth ever stung during and after you rinse out your oral cavity with mouthwash? The reason behind this is probably because you weren’t use an non-alcoholic rinse. Products that are non-alcoholic not only help reduce any burning sensation but also don’t dry your mouth out.

If you have any questions about keeping your teeth, gums and mouth healthy, don’t hesitate to ask an experienced family dentist like Dr. Thomas Cooke. He and his experienced staff can help answer any questions that you have and identify any oral problems you are having.


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