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An oral health care regimen you should resolve to stick to this year


At the start of the new year, most everyone has a resolution. Maybe they want to shed a few pounds, save more money or get to bed earlier each night. Whatever it may be, it's no secret that despite all the determination in the world, keeping a resolution can be tough.

That being said, you may want to consider following a plan that is not only good for your oral health but easy to stick to as well, and that is taking better care of your teeth and gums. Want to learn more? Then read over the tips below:

1) Brush your teeth in the morning and at night with a fluoride-containing toothpaste. Doing so when you wake up gets rid of plaque that is formed on your chompers while you were sleeping and brushing before going to bed moistens the mouth with saliva, which can lose moisture while you are in dreamland.

2) Don't continue using a toothbrush that is more than three months old. You should also stick to soft brushes as the bristles are less likely to irritate your gums.

3) Floss once a day. Approximately 90 percent of cavities are formed in between your teeth, so eliminating food particles that may be left over from that delicious meal you enjoyed is crucial.

4) Learn about periodontal disease such as gingivitis and the symptoms of it such as bad breath and bleeding gums.

5) Make an appointment at a family dentist now. Don't wait. Having your pearly whites looked at by a professional like Dr. Thomas Cooke shouldn't be put off, especially since you may have consumed lots of alcohol and sugary foods during the holidays, which can wreak havoc inside your mouth.