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The stranger side of dentistry: Caring for your “grill”


One of the hottest fads currently sweeping the hip-hop community are cosmetic dental fronts, known commonly as "grills." Grills are removable and are usually composed of gold, silver and, in some cases, diamonds. While stylish and attention-grabbing, grillz pose unique oral hygiene challenges to wearers as, like braces, they require extensive care to prevent tooth decay and gum line damage.

Dental experts, including the American Dental Association, strongly recommend that users brush more frequently than regular people, due to the risk of plaque buildup in and around the implants. Additionally, they caution against opting for permanent installations, as oral cement used in some products can have long-term detrimental effects on oral health.

In order to properly clean removable grills, medical practitioners suggest utilizing non-toxic cleaning fluids and a eyelash brush. Once wearers have allowed their grills to soak sufficiently, they should dip the brush into the solution and polish the implants to remove any food particles or gunk buildup. They should rinse the grills in clean water and then allow them to air dry before sporting this fashion statement.

To avoid damage to the grills or potential tooth decay, users should remove them when eating or drinking. Furthermore, it's recommended to take them out before bed to avoid injuries from nighttime teeth grinding or movement.

Similarly, before considering cosmetic fronts, prospective wearers should consult their affordable dental care providers about whether or not this is a good idea in the context of their individual oral health history. In some cases, especially those with periodontitis or acute tooth decay, it may not be the best decision. If approved, having a mouth cast made by a dentist rather than a jeweler can spare you from buying an expensive grill that doesn't fit correctly.