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The Lowdown On Teeth Extractions: Do’s and Don’ts You Should Know


Most people go to the dentist for regular cleaning or get minor dental treatments to improve their dental health. In some cases, dental problems may be too severe for cleaning and minor treatments, and sometimes, you may need to get your teeth extracted. 

Tooth extraction is basically the removal of a tooth or tooth roots. When done right, there is minimum trauma in the surrounding tissues and is relatively painless, ensuring smooth healing and minimal postoperative complications. However, dental recovery doesn’t only rely on how the operation was done; the success also heavily depends on how you care for yourself while you recover. 

Professional emergency dentists in Raleigh, NC, like Dr. Thomas Cooke, offer exceptional dental services and guide patients through post-operative recovery and treatments. Following these instructions will help reduce infection and the chances of dry sockets. 

If you’re getting your teeth extracted anytime soon, here are some do’s and don’ts you need to remember for a smooth, complication-free recovery. Let’s take a look!

The Do’s

  • Get Enough Rest: Rest is your best friend after getting tooth extractions. Although the rest of your body may feel fine, it’s recommended that you don’t put your body in much strain, keep your head up in an upright position, and rest and recharge;
  • Allow the Blood to Clot: You may experience blood clotting on the tooth extraction site. Although this may be a bit unsightly, it’s best to allow it to clot and heal. In some cases, the doctor will provide you with gauze to apply pressure on the area and to stop the bleeding and should stop in a few hours;
  • Ice It: Emergency dentists will recommend that you apply an ice pack on the side of the face where the tooth extraction was performed to help reduce the swelling. Ideally, you want to apply an ice pack on the day of the extraction and not wait for the next day. Do a 15-minute on and 15-minute off pattern for one to two hours. 

The Don’ts

  • Smoke After Surgery: Refrain from smoking for at least 48 hours because the smoke can affect the clot and develop a dry socket, increasing your chances for other dental issues;
  • Don’t Brush the Socket: Seeing that it’s difficult to brush the socket in the first place, it’s best to use warm saline rinses instead to clean the area. You’ll want to rinse the area 12 hours after the extraction, so you maintain good oral hygiene and eliminate bacteria in the area;
  • Don’t Skip Medication: Some tooth extraction cases require medication to reduce pain and develop infections and other dental diseases. For this reason, listen to your emergency dentist’s orders so you can relieve yourself from the discomfort much quicker;

The Bottom Line: Tooth Extractions may Seem Simple, But There Are Things You Need to Remember for a Smooth Recovery

Your recovery doesn’t solely rely on the way your emergency dentist performed your tooth extraction. But the bulk of the healing period will depend on how you take care of your dental health throughout the recovery period. 

By remembering these tips, we can assure you that you’ll experience minimal discomfort and you’ll heal quickly without any complications. 

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