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Sensitive teeth: Causes and concerns for the average person


Do you suffer from inexplicable tooth pains or soreness? Sensitivities can be triggered by many things like cold air, hot food or even toothpaste. However, the underlying cause for the condition isn't always clear and requires the attention of a certified family dentist to determine the reason. Before you start panicking about enormous medical bills, consider the following possibilities, as it could be something that has an easy solution.

Medical reasons for toothaches include:

♦ Bacterial infection
♦ Cavities

♦ Chipped or broken teeth
♦ Fillings
that are wearing down
♦ Enamel
♦ Exposed
♦ Gum disease
♦ Plaque build-up

It is also possible that you may be causing the pain. In some cases, brushing or flossing too aggressively can harm the gum line, which may result in a consistent ache. Mouthwashes can aggravate teeth as well.

Sugary foods like soda and pastries can irritate sensitive areas in the mouth. Smoking and alcohol consumption have also been tied to oral sensitivity. You may have a canker sore close to the gum line that may trigger painful reactions as you eat or drink.

Past dental work that may need to be replaced or removed, such as old crowns, could be the culprit. Additionally, your sensitivity could simply be a result of age, as teeth are naturally prone to more pain, according to the American Dental Association.

Those who experience oral pain, regardless of the origin, need to check with a oral care provider to prevent potentially health-threatening conditions to develop further. Hopefully the cause of your sensitivity is benign, but it's better to have your mouth looked at just in case. You should seek the services of an affordable dental care professional who has years of experience helping people with their medical needs.