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LeAnn Rimes forced to cancel tour for emergency dental care


Last month, country music fans across America were devastated to learn that LeAnne Rimes cancelled a segment of her nationwide tour, due to an unforeseen need for emergency dental assistance, reported to be a root canal procedure.

Thankfully, the singer took to the Twittersphere to assure fans that she was doing just fine.

”Waiting on the endodontist to meet me and do a nighttime root canal. This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever been through.”

The visit, which according to Rimes was an eight-hour surgery, threw an unavoidable wrench into the singer’s plans for the tour. According to various news sources, shows that were scheduled to take place in New Philadelphia, Ohio, and Carmel, Indiana, have been pushed back to unspecified dates, though ticket-holders have been reimbursed accordingly.

Following the surgery, Rimes posted a rather succinct description of the common dental procedure.

“I got 3 shots in the roof of my mouth & 1 Insane shot directly into the half dead, half Alive nerve through the hole he drilled on the backside of my tooth. That was after the 7 shots in the front of my mouth that didn’t phase [sic] me. I can’t get numb so the lengths they must go to in order to get me there are nuts,” the singer tweeted.

Later updates detailed the singer’s post-surgery exploits, which include couchsurfing and watching the Olympics – relaxing activities often suggested by dental experts to get through the sometimes frustrating recuperation period.

This incident highlights the need to regularly visit your local dentist. By doing so, you can avoid similar emergencies that could potentially lead to infection.