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Dentists warn against “grazing” this holiday season


While North Carolina moms and dads may not be familiar with the term “grazing,” they’ve doubtless seen their children engage in this activity before. Grazing refers to the constant eating and drinking of sugary or chocolatey snacks throughout the day, and is more common around the holidays when these foods can be found in abundance.

Unlike simply eating candies or sweets, grazing is more likely to cause oral health issues, especially in children. This is because dentists say that this constant consumption of sugar may be more damaging than the sugar on its on.

According to a report by the Napa Valley Register, which interviewed local dentists about this threat, a constant sugar source gives bacteria in the mouth something to feed on. The bacteria then converts these sugars into acid, which is what can cause cavities to form.

The longer these acids are allowed to sit in the mouth, the greater the chance that they can potentially cause troubles down the line. But, while you can inform your children of this danger, you might not be able to do much to keep them away from edible stocking stuffers and holiday desserts.

Nancy Azizi of Vineyard Dental in Napa told the news source that parents should encourage their children to eat their candy in one sitting, and to brush and floss thoroughly right after eating.

Even still, this is easier said than done. That’s why the holidays should be used as a reminder for parents that it’s best to seek routine dental care for their child. By finding a great dentist for kids in their area, North Carolina parents can better access preventative care or emergency care when needed.