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Like any other medical expense, dental care payment options seem initially complex. But don’t worry – there are different choices available designed to help patients finance necessary treatments and procedures that are both affordable and sensible.

When paying for dental care, you could choose:

CareCredit – This financial payment service is essentially a credit card designed for medical expenses. While not every dentist office accepts this form of payment, many do, so it is important to check with the front office of the practice before going with this option. CareCredit offers specialized payment plans with few processing fees.

Dental insurance plan – An insurance plan that is specifically meant to cover oral care. Dental coverage can be acquired through employer insurance packages and private groups like Delta Dental or Aetna. Many of these plans cover several cleanings a year and offer reimbursement rates for different kinds of dental procedures.

Private loan service – Consumer micro-loans and payday financing plans are short-term options that, in some cases, can be preferable. For example, if a person needs an emergency dental care but isn’t being paid until after the treatment is conducted, a loan of this nature can cover the charges. However, consumers should read the agreement documentation carefully to make sure there aren’t any hidden fees or excessive interest rates.

Being unable to pay for dental care can be a major deterrent for people who need treatment but can’t afford the costs. By knowing the options available and doing your own research, the problem is not as insurmountable as it seems. Once you’ve figured out financing, you can go in for the expert dental care and attention that is essential to staying healthy.