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Yummy foods that are both tasty and great for your teeth


According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, there are foods that can have a significant impact on the health of your teeth, either negatively or positively. In a recent article, we discussed foods, like candy and soft drinks, that can wear down tooth enamel and increase the risk of decay and oral disease. Today, we’ll review ingredients and meal choices that are not only delicious and healthy, but are also known to directly boost overall dental health.

To build healthier teeth and keep your smile bright, experts recommend:

Carrots – The signature orange vegetable is widely known for its high levels of Vitamin A, which is a key part of the enamel-healing process. Other minerals in carrots contribute to stronger teeth, and the crunchy texture of the veggie has been known to help scrub away potentially harmful bacteria as well.

Pineapple – In addition to the abundance of Vitamin C, the acidity of which helps to clear out mouth-based germs, tangy fruit like pineapple significantly increases the amount of saliva you can produce and reduces the risk of decay-causing dry mouth. Additionally, the fruit also contains an enzyme known as bromelain that helps reduce chemical imbalances.

Salmon – The popular fish sports large traces of Vitamin D, acting to strengthen enamel while boosting the body’s capacity to absorb calcium. Other chemicals found in salmon, like iron and Omega-3 acids, restrict the debilitating effects of non-healthy foods by building up natural safeguards against decay.

Next time you’re in the grocery store, consider picking up products that include these ingredients. By doing so, you can supplement thorough oral hygiene plans and regular visits to an affordable dental care practitioner with meals that help your mouth feel and look its best.