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What you should know about anesthesia administered during dental procedures


When it comes to a dental procedure like a root canal or cavity filling, you have many options that will help alleviate any pain, discomfort and anxiety associated with the measures. However, when making the decision that you want one medication over another, you should consider various factors such as your allergies, age, health and stress level.

Here are some choices you are given in terms of pain management that will make your appointment with a Raleigh family dentist such as Dr. Thomas Cooke more pleasant:

Local anesthesia
The purpose of local anesthesia is to block pain in a certain area of your mouth during a procedure. This is accomplished by obstructing the nerves that transmit pain. Depending on what you and your Raleigh dentist decide, you be given a topical or injectable anesthetic.

Sedatives can be given before or during a treatment. Some of the most common ways they are given are by inhalation using nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, a pill or a shot. Procedures that are more complicated could require medication that causes you to fall asleep completely.

Despite the fact that anesthetics are used on millions of dental patients every year, there are some risks involved with them. That is just one of the reasons that the American Dental Association recommends that patients make as informed a decision as possible. Don't be afraid to ask questions, since addressing any concerns that you have regarding your procedure is one of the many jobs of your family dentist. After all, the more you know in advance, the more comfortable you are likely to feel during your appointment.