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Dental sealants are known to protect your children’s pearly whites until they reach their adult years, eliminating risks of cavities and some dental complications. Although following strict dental hygiene and brushing your teeth can do loads to your child’s dental health, dental sealants may be an effective way to prevent them from getting cavities. 

Because of its notable benefits, many parents book an emergency dentist for their kids so they can get a dental sealant procedure. Another great thing about this procedure is that it’s painless and quite affordable. 

If you’re thinking of getting dental sealants for your child, it pays to know what it really is before you let them go through the procedure. Here’s a dental sealant crash course you never thought you needed!

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin, clear coatings that are placed on the narrow grooves on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, which are the molars and premolars. This protective coating covers the deep pits of the tooth, preventing significant amounts of tooth decay and supporting sensitive tooth surfaces from acid build-up and cavities. 

With dental sealants, food particles and bacteria are blocked from settling in your child’s teeth, proving to be an effective action step that could prevent early dental damage. 

How Are Dental Sealants Applied?

Placing dental sealants is a relatively easy process. First, the emergency dentist will clean all plaque and food particles, allowing them to examine the area for tooth decay. After that, the dentist will then condition the chewing surface with a cleaning solution so that the sealant can properly adhere to the tooth. 

Once the tooth is ready, the viscous material is then painted on the chewing surface of the tooth, making sure to isolate each tooth to ensure no bacteria is on the area before sealing. If there is a cavity, the dentist will first eliminate the infection before placing a sealant. Finally, the sealant is then cured with light to harden. 

Can You Remove Dental Sealants?

Typically, when a dental sealant is placed on a patient’s tooth, the dentist doesn’t usually remove it unless there is a problem. However, if, in any case, you need to remove your child’s dental sealants, it will still leave a healthy tooth intact, which can also be resealed. 

Here are some reasons for dental sealant removal:

  • The dentist needs to reseal a tooth with a different material, such as ceramic;
  • Fix chips and cracks in dental sealants;
  • Repair poorly placed sealants;

Are Dental Sealants Right For My Child?

Like any medical and dental issue or concern, it’s best to speak to a professional before jumping to conclusions. However, it is known that sealants are a necessary preventative procedure that improves your child’s dental health. 

Seeing as children have a higher risk of getting tooth decay, it’s a good idea to have a protective sealant to maintain proper hygiene and to avoid further dental complications. Again, it’s best to speak to a professional regarding your children’s dental condition and if they require dental sealants. 

The Bottom Line: Best Way To Get Rid Of Cavities and Other Dental Issues Is By Preventing Them From Happening 

Prevention is much better than a cure, so if you want to eliminate dental cavities, it’s best to have your children get dental sealants for their tiny pearly whites. Fortunately, emergency dentists can do this procedure quickly and pain-free so your kid stays comfortable the whole time. 

By having a good dental hygiene routine, going to your dentist regularly, and watching what your child eats, you’ll be able to prevent any cavities and dental complications from happening!

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