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Teeth grinding may be a symptom of chronic jaw pain


Do you have constant headaches? If so, then there's a possibility that you may suffer from chronic jaw and facial pain. You may not know this, but clenching your teeth at night for example, can result in, among other things, tenderness of the jaw and pain when eating.

If you've explained this issue to your family dentist before, then he's probably asked you about your symptoms some of which, according to the American Dental Association (ADA) may include:

    ♦ Sinus issues
    ♦ Toothaches
    ♦ Arthritis
    ♦ Tooth grinding
    ♦ Periodontal disease
    ♦ Jaw problems

Although these are very serious issues, teeth grinding is among the most critical is tooth grinding. Bruxism, as it is also known, as can cause chipping, loosening and even loss of teeth.

Keep in mind that even though jaw pain and tooth grinding may be linked to each other, there are treatments for both conditions if you make an appointment with an experienced Raleigh dentist. He may recommend the following options, which are also endorsed by the ADA:

    ♦ A mouth guard
    ♦ Anti-inflamatories
    ♦ Removal of the tooth
    ♦ Root canal
    ♦ Orthodontia

Before becoming stressed out that your dentist may tell you that you need to schedule an appointment for a pain procedure, it's important to note that experienced oral care professionals are always going to attempt to go with a less non-invasive choice.

Communicate your concerns with a dentist you trust, like Dr. Thomas Cooke. His experienced practice will take the time to answer any questions that you may have. You won't be judge on how long it's been since your last appointment, but rather welcomed with open arms so that your dental experience is one that is pleasant.