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Oral Health Resolutions for the New Year


Now that the holiday season is past, many people set New Year’s resolutions that guide their actions for the coming year. Resolutions can take many forms, from losing weight, to traveling more, to saving money, or to volunteering for a local charity.

A unique resolution that people can embark on is to focus on oral health. Any resolution can be difficult to keep, but by establishing good dental practices, your teeth and gums will remain healthy well into the future. Here are some dental tips to include in your oral health resolution for 2018.

Tips for Great Oral Health

Toothbrushes – it is a good idea to replace toothbrushes on a regular basis. Most dental professionals recommend replacing them every three months unless the bristles are damaged from use; in that case, the toothbrush should be replaced immediately. Replacing the toothbrush after an illness is also a smart move, helping to prevent spreading germs.

Types of toothbrushes – there are literally hundreds of different toothbrush models on the market. Dental experts agree that soft-bristled varieties should be chosen. Soft bristles are far less likely to irritate delicate tissues in the mouth and reduce the chance of tooth abrasion.

Brushing habits – most dentists suggest brushing your teeth at least twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. If you consume sugary foods or beverages, it is a good idea to brush after consuming to help remove the acids that can lead to tooth decay. People who enjoy red wine or coffee can also ward off tooth stains by regular brushing after drinking these beverages.

Flossing – too many people skip flossing, a critical step in preserving healthy teeth and gums. It is recommended to floss at least once per day to remove food particles and plaque that lurks between the teeth after meals. Up to 90% of all cavities develop between the teeth, so flossing can protect against future dental problems.

Dental checkups – twice-yearly dental checkups are recommended by the leading professional dental organizations. By visiting your dentist for routine checkups and cleanings, your dentist is more able to address concerns before they become serious problems. Make an appointment today to begin your journey toward clean teeth and healthy gums.

Education – it is always a great idea to learn more about caring for your oral health. Periodontal diseases like gingivitis can lead to severe problems in the future, and knowing a bit about the warning signs can help you spot problems before they get serious. Concerns like bad breath and oral health care are great areas to learn more about; speak to your family dentist for details on taking care of your teeth and gums.

We only get one set of adult teeth in our lives. It makes sense to care for them to help them last for many years. Regular dental visits and the tips above can go a long way toward preserving your oral health. You owe it to yourself and to your family to protect your precious teeth, helping you have a healthy smile for many years to come.

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