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Do you know what foods can help you get rid of a humiliating oral condition?


One of the most embarrassing conditions that people face is halitosis, also known as bad breath. Halitosis may be the result of many factors, including failing to floss every day, the buildup of bacteria in your mouth and neglecting to schedule regular visits with your family dentist.

However, oral professionals will tell you that bad breath is also the result of your diet. According to WebMD, there are two types of food and beverages that cause the air you are exhaling to smell a bit unpalatable:

Garlic and onions: The pungent stench in these items are stay in your mouth for longer than most foods and soak up into your bloodstream and are expelled when you breathe out.

Coffee and alcohol: These two drinks produce the perfect environment for bacterial development inside your oral cavity. Furthermore, coffee and alcohol also dry out your mouth, which reduces saliva. This allows for nasty bacteria to stay there longer.

Luckily, there are some things that you can do to combat halitosis. Any reputable affordable dental care firm will tell you that consuming the following foods and drinks will help your breath smell good:

Water: This fluid helps eliminate the tiny particles of food that bacteria thrive on. It also helps create saliva which breaks down foul-smelling material that is present in food and drinks.

Vegetables: Broccoli may not smell that appetizing while it is being cooked, but it can do wonders for bad breath. According to online medical resources, this vegetable and bell peppers produce an unlivable environment for odor-causing bacteria.

If you feel your halitosis is worse than usual, schedule an appointment with a family dentistry firm in your area. Oral care experts are a great resource for helping you figure out how you can gain your confidence back that was taken away from having embarrassing bad breath.