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Do you know if this dental technology will be used during your next appointment?


It’s no secret that the world of technology has aided the development of virtually everything from security systems to mobile devices. However, rarely do people think these advancements have given the dental world a boost. Yet, some of the most effective gadgets and products in the oral health care industry are making the lives of dentists easier and patients more comfortable.

One Florida dentist, who created the following list, said during your next appointment with a Raleigh dentist, the items below might be used:

1) Digital impressions
Are you familiar with that bad-tasting gel-like goop used when you are having a mold of your mouth taken? When digital impressions are used, a fast three-dimensional scan of your teeth is emailed to the lab. This is one system that can be used to properly fit everything from crowns to veneers.

2) New-age bone-graft materials
Also known as Osteogen, this material is designed for dental implants after teeth are extracted.

3) New-generation bonding agents
If you have ever needed urgent dental care after chipping your tooth, you know how frustrating it can be when it cracks again after paying a visit to a walk in dentist. However, new bonding agents like Clearfill and S3 Bond plus allow for composite bonding and ensure that filling materials or any other types of dental work lasts.

4) Fiber posts
The non-metallic posts help guarantee that patients who have had root canals have a strong base for the crown that is put on their teeth following the first procedure.

If you have any questions about how these types of dental technology will be used during your next visit to your family dentist, then contact Dr. Thomas Cooke‘s dental firm by calling (919) 872-1700.