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Dental Implant-Related Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs


Everybody dreams of having healthy teeth and an overall gorgeous smile. Who wouldn’t want that when a great smile can make you more confident and even help get you better opportunities? With all the benefits of a beautiful smile, it’s not surprising that many people are thinking of improving theirs through dental implants. 

Dental implants are an excellent option for people who are missing one or more teeth – given that you are a good candidate for it, of course. Implants can improve your oral health and your smile, but only if you can avoid these mistakes that will be shared with you by Dr. Thomas E. Cooke, your trusted Raleigh dentist:

5 Dental Implant-Related Mistakes You Should Avoid

#1. Getting Implants from an Inexperienced Dentist

This is where it all starts – choosing the right dentist to perform the procedure. A dental implant procedure is complex, and the tiniest mistake can have major consequences. For instance, if the implant is inserted incorrectly, then there’s a possibility that the metal post will not bond to your jawbone, which could lead to future issues. 

#2. Failing to Disclose Your Medical History

While most people are excellent candidates for a dental implant procedure, some patients are at risk for negative outcomes. That’s why it’s crucial that you keep your dentist informed of any medical condition that could affect the results of the procedure or may even put you in danger, like: 

  • Uncontrolled gum disease
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Alcoholism
  • Cancer
  • Jawbone radiation 
  • Smoking
  • Suppressed immune system due to medications

#3. Having Poor Oral Health Habits

After getting your procedure, you’ll be given a set of instructions specifically for patients who got implants. Most of these are your everyday dental habits, like brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, but you have to be extra careful during the first few days. If you fail to follow the dentist’s instructions, you’ll risk developing infections or prolong the healing process. It’s also going to be bad for your dental implants if you have habits like nail-biting, chewing on ice chips or cubes, or smoking. 

#4. Eating the Wrong Types of Food

When your dental implants are completely healed, you can eat anything you want but not during the healing period. Your dentist will tell you which food items you should not eat. Most likely, they will recommend that you stick to liquid or soft foods like applesauce, soup, or mashed potatoes. 

If you eat food that is hard or sticky, it could cause discomfort or swelling. In some cases, it could even lead to the failure of the procedure, so do stick to your post-procedure food list!

#5. Getting Back to Your Workouts Too Soon

A dental implant procedure is classified as a form of surgery, so as you would with any other type of surgery, you should avoid exercising a few days after getting it done. Don’t be too keen to resume rigorous physical activities as it may still be unsafe to do them, and the sutures could be damaged. When your dentist deems it okay for you to exercise again, ease into it by doing low-impact exercises like yoga and walking. 


Dental implants can indeed fix your smile, but the outcome also heavily depends on what you do after you get your implants. Your Raleigh dentist will provide you with guidelines on what you should do after leaving the clinic and for the next several days after that. You should also make sure to avoid the mistakes mentioned in this post to prevent infection or failure of the procedure. 

When you’re ready to get your implants, and you’re looking for a seasoned dentist in Raleigh, NC, who can do it for you, visit Dr. Thomas E. Cooke Family Dentistry. Apart from dental implants, we also offer other dental services like root canals, tooth extraction, gum disease treatment, and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!