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Here’s What Happens During a Dental Crown Procedure


Going to the dentist might be an experience some people find unappealing. But dental care is no joke, and setting up appointments to help improve your teeth is definitely way better than an emergency dentist visit. 

Dental procedures might seem scary at first, but they will help you and your teeth in the long run. But if you’re having a bit of nerves over your next dental procedure, it could really help to know what happens and what you should expect. At least this way, you could prepare yourself both physically and mentally. 

What Is a Dental Crown?

Getting a dental crown is one of the more common services dentists offer. Dentists often suggest getting a dental crown to help strengthen and restore damaged teeth. 

Think of it as a protective helmet that covers and protects your decayed tooth. The dental crown is made of different artificial materials and custom-fit for your tooth’s specific anatomy. 

Why do you need a dental crown? Well, it’s not just for aesthetic reasons. A dental crown will help prevent your weak tooth from breaking even further, saving you from pain and an emergency dentist appointment. It’ll also improve the functionality of your tooth overall.

The First Visit

Getting a  dental crown is typically broken down into two separate appointments. You won’t get your dental crown yet on the first visit. Your dentist will get an x-ray of your decayed tooth to examine the extent of the damage on the tooth and its surrounding bone tissue. 

The dentist will then need to file down and reshape your tooth to make it easier for the dental crown to fit. But there’s no need to worry when this happens. During this procedure, you will be under local anesthesia, making it a pain-free experience.

If the damage to the tooth is too severe, the dentist may opt to use additional filling. This is to give the tooth more structure and provide the dental crown a stable foundation.

After filing, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth using a mold and some specially designed dental paste. This ensures that the dental crown is designed to match your other teeth and the shape of your bite.

Since the dental crown won’t be available yet, eating with the reshaped tooth could be tricky. This is why your dentist will place a temporary crown on that tooth, which will be removed on your next visit. The overall duration of your first visit would typically be an hour or an hour and a half long.

In Between Visits

Your next visit will probably take place two or three weeks after your first. Your dentist should have sent your impressions to the in-house technician or an external dental laboratory during this time. These professionals will be responsible for creating the dental crown using the mold. They will also make sure the dental crown will provide a perfect fit and maybe even match the color of your teeth so it won’t stand out. 

Follow-Up Appointment

Once your dentist informs you that your dental crown is now available, you can now have your follow-up appointment. During this appointment, you will receive a local anesthetic again to make it a comfortable experience for you. Your dentist will first remove the temporary crown, do some cleaning, and maybe file the base to ensure a perfect fit. 

The dentist will now attach the dental crown using a special adhesive. This adhesive needs to cure for around 10-15 minutes. Once the curing is done, your dentist will remove any extra adhesive and confirm the fit of the dental crown. Your dentist may also opt to do some additional filing if the crown doesn’t perfectly match the bite. Overall, your follow-up appointment might take roughly an hour.


Dental procedures might seem scary at first, but they’re definitely better than experiencing pain and needing emergency dental care. Knowing what to expect on your next dental appointment can really help ease the mind and prepare you for your dental procedure physically and mentally.

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